Wednesday, 29 October 2014

6 Ways To Spend a Day in Barcelona

Barcelona is a fantastic European city Break, it has everything; a busy city atmosphere with the beach right at your doorstep. With so much to do in one place we thought we would share with you our 6 ways to spend your day in Barcelona- the choice is up to you!

1. Have a Picnic in Park Guell.

Park Guell is a stunning place to spend your day, with lots to see and do. There are Gaudi's house and creations, a bar, a park and plenty of beautiful landscapes. Get up early and pack a picnic! Remember to use a local supermarket to save some money and grab lots of fruit and water, in summer it can get very hot. Find a spot and settle down for a few hours to relax and people watch.

2. Relax at the Beach.

The Barceloneta Beach is within easy reach from the city centre by tram. You can break away from the bustle of the city to relax in the sun for the day. The beach is incredibly clean, the sea sparkles a lovely blue- you could forgive yourself for thinking you are on a far away island when in fact your on a city break in Europe. There are a few lovely beach bars dotted about serving mojitos so you can truly relax in style. Grab your towel and a good book and enjoy.

3. Visit Sant Josep Market.

Sant Josep Market is hugely popular with both locals and tourists alike. It has everything imaginable; delicious fresh fruit, sweets, bread and fish. You could easily do your shop for the week here! It's vibrant and bustling, if you don't like crowds we would suggest going later in the day. We visited mid-day and it was very busy, however we like this atmosphere. We ensured we had eaten our fill before buying some to take away.

4. Shop on Las Ramblas.

Las Ramblas is the Oxford Street of Barcelona. There are fancy bars and restaurants, Mcdonalds and lots of shops. Expect designer to be mixed with highstreet, Zara, Cos and more. It's every shoppers dream. Spend plenty of hours here dotting in and out of shops stopping for drinks and food at some of the bars along the way. If you are visiting in summer then expect it to be busy.

5. Catch the Magic Fountain Show.

Now technically this is an evening event but we just couldn't leave this show out. It's so spectacular and free! Yes Free! So if your a backpacker or budget traveller this is the perfect way to spend your evening. The fountains are lit up beautifully in an array of colours with music blasting out to make for an amazing way to relax and enjoy your evening. Make sure you check the times before you set off as they are every hour and last for around 30 minutes. After watching the show there are plenty of bars near by to eat and drink at.

6. Eat and Drink your way around.

Personally this is one of our favourite things to do in a new city. We just love food and drink! If it's something we haven't seen before you can guarantee one of us will want to try it. Its nice to spend the day going from market to bar to restaurant and sampling a little of everything. Our whole Europe trip was centred around sightseeing and eating and we sure did a lot of that! We recommend trying Churros, Paella and Tapas. Churros are a bit like fried donuts and often come with hot chocolate sauce. Tapas are amazing to pick at and share over a few glasses of Tequila Sunrise.. We loved the spicy potatoes.

Hope you picked up a few ways to spend your day in Barcelona, leave us a comment with how you would spend your day!


  1. everything looks amazing! dying to go here

    from helen at

    1. You will love it! There's so much to do and the weather in summer is perfect :)

  2. I am from Barcelona and this things are so awesome! I love walking around Park Güell and eating bread with tomato! Great list!
    With love,

    1. Aww I'm glad you liked it! I loved park guell, it's such a beautiful place to relax x

  3. Aww Churros! Love your blog:) And i would love to visit Barcelona someday:) Best regards from Russia:)

    1. They are delicious! :) you should definitely plan a visit, it's such a beautiful place :)