Monday, 3 November 2014

5 Reasons to fall in love with Rome

1. The History.

Every Street in Rome holds history, from the beautiful old buildings to the magical fountains the history of Rome is made clear. A lifetime of exploring Rome would not be enough to take in all of the fascinating monuments and wander its winding streets. There is just so much to see that go beyond the all time travel classics seen in the likes of the colosseum and the trevi fountain.

2. The Food.

Italy in general is renowned for it's delicious food, in particular pizza, pasta and gelato. Three of our favourite things! There is nothing better than al fresco dining then alfresco dining in Rome. There are bands playing music, bustling tourists passing by and scrumptious food on your plate. Yes please.


3. Good Weather.

Rome can be blessed with glorious sunshine in the summer season with the temperatures sticking in the 20's from early June to late September. Even right now in November it is around 14 degrees Celsius on average! You cannot complain with those kind of winter temperatures.

4. The way of life

The Italians know the meaning of balancing their family and work life. They value the quality of time and spend it with their families, this is usually implemented with family meals and an emphasis on the importance of good food and togetherness. They ensure that they work hard but play hard, the whole atmosphere just feels that bit more relaxed. You rarely see a true Italian running for the tube (unless they are late of course!) it's mainly tourists trying to cram themselves all into one cart. Take in the atmosphere and get on board with their way of life.

5. The Romance

Although they say Paris is the city of love Rome could give it a run for it's money. The beautiful cobbled streets lined with tall rustic buildings and musicians playing on corners. Cute little restaurants with candle lit tables and wonderful fountains to make wishes at. What a perfect way to spend the day with your significant other.. or perhaps meet them!


  1. I have never been to rome, but I would like insanely so much to go! You are absolutely right: history, food, lifestyle... there are so many beautiful things about it! I would love to see La Fontana Di Trevi and go around with a Vespa (and of course, eat some ice cream!).
    With love,

  2. Hopefully going to Rome in April, can't wait to go see all the sights and have some gelato!