Tuesday, 21 October 2014

A Guide To Clubbing in Ibiza

A few years ago we went on a friends holiday to Ibiza, there were 10 of us. All we wanted to do was drink and sunbathe, not the most cultured of trips but certainly a lot of fun!

We thought we would share our tips to clubbing in Ibiza so you too can have a fun and safe trip.

1. Stay in San Antonio as this is where all the action is.

2. If you are planning to go to the super clubs have pre-drinks before hand, you can expect to pay anything upwards of 7 euro for a vodka and lemonade!

3. If your on a budget then the west end is the place to go, if your a large group then ask what deals they can offer you. We got 40 free shots in one bar- that's 4 each!

4. Do not stray from your friends, pick-pockets are rife here so leave your valuables in your safe.

5. If it's your first time to Ibiza consider joining the 18-30's tour, Just the boat parties alone are worth it!

6. If you're after a more formal relaxed evening head down to Café Mambo. The drinks are fairly expensive but watching the sun set is beautiful.

7. Don't bother going out before 11pm as this is when most clubs open, expect to stay out until 6am. It's a killer but so worth it.

8. Make the most of the day time too, there's some nice beaches and a nice shopping area to visit.

9. Get tickets to Ibiza Rocks, we saw Kasabian play and the atmosphere is electric. I think this was one of our favourite nights.

10. Enjoy yourself and be safe.

There you have our tips on clubbing in Ibiza, and a few cheeky photos of our own trip!

Is there anything you would add to these tips?

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