Monday, 22 September 2014

Make the Most of Malta

 The beautiful Island of Malta is often overlooked as a holiday destination, but with fantastic weather and lots to explore it is definitely one to add to your list. With its' scorching hot summer days, cool sea and palm lined avenues it is fast becoming a haven for those wanting to retreat to sunnier climbs.

So you want to visit Malta?

Well here are a few of the things we recommend you do to ensure you make the most of your stay.

1. Take a speed boat ride

If you're the type of person who seeks a thrill everywhere you go then you not be disappointed. Malta has some of the best water activities going including banana boats, parasailing and speedboats. We opted for the speed boat thinking it would be the least scary, however, the speeds you hit the waves at sends your boat hurtling skyward! You crash down with a heavy thud sending the spray of the sea straight in your direction. On a hot day it sure is one way to cool off.

2. Take the open top tour buses

These 'Hop on, Hop off' buses are the perfect way to see most of the island. For around 15 euro you can travel all day with the option of getting on and off as you wish. There are two routes to take, either the North Route of the South Route. With us being the exploring type we did both routes over 4 days. It makes travelling very easy and they even have audio guides in multiple languages to ensure you get the best experience of the island. It covers the capital Valetta to the Silent city of M'dina.

3. Visit the Blue Lagoon

This is one of the most beautiful parts of Malta, the Blue Lagoon. It is aptly named this due to the aqua blue colour of the crystal clear sea. You can walk out for miles here and be surrounded by all sorts of different coloured fish. This is the perfect spot to relax, put up your feet and read a good book. When the sun gets a bit too much clamber down into the cool sea to refresh.

4. Take a day trip to Gozo

Gozo is the second largest island in the Maltese archipelago and has been associated with being the home of Calypso the Nymph in Homer's Odyssey. We actually paid a taxi to give us a tour of the island in which he would drop us off at certain points and arrange to pick us up at a later time. This was perfect as we got a locals knowledge as well as being able to travel with ease in the striking heat. I would highly recommend trying this, just ensure you agree a price and that the company you go with is reputable.

If there is one thing you see in Gozo it has to be the azure window, a fantastic piece of natural architecture in which the sea has worn away the rock to form what resembles a window. It is stunning. 
5. Lose Yourself
Sometimes the best adventures come when plans go awry, so put away your map and just walk. Stop at local bars for refreshments, grab an ice cream and go and get lost in the beauty of Malta.

Here are our suggestions to make the most of your time in Malta, are there any that you think we have missed? If so we would love to hear them!


  1. Beautiful photographs. I'd love to visit there one day!

    1. Thank you :) It is such a beautiful place x

  2. well i definitely went to gozo, and i definitely got lost ( on the bus actually!) but weather wasn't good enough for the rest!

  3. Ahhh that's a shame! It was too hot for us to just sunbathe that's why we got out and about so much haha x