Monday, 17 November 2014

Our mini Guide to Venice


Venice, the floating city. Such a stunning place with the white-washed buildings and winding canals. It's like something from another world. Venice is located in the North-East of Italy and is famed for its beautiful canals and unusual transport system. You can either catch the busy water taxi's or go for something a little more romantic and take a gondola ride. Either way there are no vehicles here.

During our time in Venice we learnt a few things we thought we would share :

1. If you want cheaper accommodation stay outside of Venice city centre. We stayed at Camping Rialto in a little wooden hut!

2. Don't sit down for a drink, it is really expensive if you decide to sit outside. We learnt the hard way and were charged 11 euros for just 2 bottles of Fanta. Bad mistake when you are on a budget!

3. Take a map. We ended up walking around in circles for hours because we couldn't find our way back, in the end we admitted defeat and caught the water taxi back instead.

4. Take money for the toilets. No public toilet is free here.

5. The weather can be unpredictable, even in summer. As with anywhere you can expect bad weather but we experienced a horrendous 24 hour storm in which we were left stuck in our little hut for the whole day.  Make sure you take plenty of things to do and waterproof gear.

6. Eat as much gelato as possible. Just because you can. Yum!

7. Buy local food. As with anywhere it is cheaper to buy your own food, we were lucky to have a local supermarket near our campsite and ate most of our food from there.

Grand Canal

A few sneaky peak photos of our time in Venice.

Hope you enjoyed our mini guide to Venice, is there anything you would add?


  1. Venice is a gorgeous place, isn't it? And ice cream... too good! Hahahaha enjoy it there!
    With love,

  2. We adore Italy in general, such a beautiful country :) and the ice-cream is amazing! :)