Friday, 7 November 2014

A Day Trip to Pompeii from Rome

If there was ever an opportune moment to visit Pompeii it's on a day trip from Rome. It only takes an hour by train from Rome Termini station to Naples, then a local train from Naples to Pompeii. It takes around 2.5 hours overall and is so worth it.

It is such an incredible and eye-opening experience, to walk around what is now a ghost-like place that would have once been full of life, with markets and houses. It's now so very quiet apart from the low mumble of tourists. It's both beautiful and tragic in the sense that people actually lived here and experienced such terror in the form of a natural disaster and yet when we were there the sun shone gloriously and it seemed so peaceful.

It's unusual to walk around and see parts of old kitchens, houses and even a brothel! If you pay a visit just keep your eyes open and take it all in, take a moment to appreciate what is and what could have been.

A few useful tips when visiting Pompeii (especially in summer):

- Wear sensible footwear, it is quite broken up underfoot and there are some steep hills.

- Take a high factor sun cream, there is little to no shade.

- Take water, it can get very hot and with no where to shelter from the heat it is important to stay hydrated.

- Do not approach any dogs on the site as they are strays.

If you get chance we definitely recommend you add a day trip to Pompeii to your itinerary!


  1. Oh my god!!! Pompeii looks gorgeous, and I love so much Roman buildings and ruins, so I'm sure I'll adore it! I'm glad you had fun!

    1. It is such a beautiful place, really peaceful and full of history! :) xx

  2. Replies
    1. If you ever get chance you really should! :)