Monday, 1 December 2014

The Stunning Scenic Slovenia

Lake Bled

If you haven't got Lake Bled, Slovenia on your list then get your pen out and put it down. It may not be a bustling city, but it is one of the most beautiful places we have ever been. It was the perfect place to relax from what had been a very hectic travelling schedule.

Lake Bled

For the best view over Lake Bled you should climb up to the Castle, not only is it very historical itself but it has the best vantage views. You can see for miles over both the lake and neighbouring towns.

It's the best place for a family break, romantic break or relaxing break with your friends. Not only is Lake Bled beautiful, it's also got a lot going for it. We ate out a lot, there's walking routes, cycling, tobogganing, swimming, mini golf and so much more. If your an outdoorsy person then we would definitely recommend staying here!

Also the food is delicious, especially the Bled Cream Cake, a signature dessert that we just couldn't pass up on..

bled cream cake

A crisp sugary top, and then a thick layer of sweet cream, it may not be healthy but it was definitely good!

 There's just so much natural beauty that we think it should be noted about more often, Slovenia itself is stunning, but there's something about the lush greenery and crystal turquoise blue lake that makes Lake Bled that bit more magical.

Are you going to add Lake Bled to your travel list?

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