Wednesday, 17 September 2014

5 Egyptian Excursions You Must Do

Egypt is a beautiful and historic country with so many exciting things to do.

1. Luxor .

First things first, you must visit Luxor. Luxor was formerly the ancient city of Thebes and because of this there is such a rich array of historical monuments, including the Karnack Temple and more famously the Valley of The Kings.

  A few things you must be aware of are that due to it being a very open desert space it does get extremely hot, whilst we were there it hit over 40 Degrees Celsius. You must take water, sun cream, sunglasses and a hat with you if you are visiting between May and September in order to avoid getting heat stroke.

 Another point that you must be aware of is that there are a lot of local children and men selling goods that they have made/bought near to all the major temples and monuments. If you are interested in buying what they are offering then be prepared to barter, but do not offer too low as this could be insulting. If you are not interested in what they are offering simply and politely walk by.

2. Snorkelling .

 Egypt has some of the best snorkelling spots in the world. One of these is Ras Mohamed. The snorkelling in Ras Mohamed is so beautiful it has actually been made a national park. The boats stop quite far from the coral areas and you have to swim over, this is so that there is no damage being caused to the environment. Of course snorkelling can cause some disruption to the wildlife, however in Ras Mohamed the sea life seems very relaxed to the presence of humans, with fish coming to swim all around you. We saw everything from clown fish to puffer fish.

 If you do decide to go snorkelling, keep in mind to not touch or swim too near to the coral. Not only can this cause damage to the reefs but coral is often very sharp and can cause you injury. Remember to take everything out of the water with you. Enjoy it. It's not often that you get to see a whole other type of living so embrace it and enjoy the beauty of the underwater world.

3. Ride a Camel .

 A taste of local life can be experienced through riding a camel. They are essential in helping the Bedouin tribes get there food and water supplies. We paid a visit to a few of the Bedouin tents to experience what life is like for them living in such an isolated area. There is sand for miles and miles and the sun scorches down at unbearable temperatures, yet they are not fazed by this at all which is so refreshing. That is life for them, they work and care for there families. We were offered by one of the gentlemen living in the tent to ride his camel, it's something I've always wanted to do and so happily took the lead. It's not the most smooth or comfortable mode of transport but for them it is practical.

 If you are planning to ride a camel whilst visiting Egypt then be careful where you do it. I would strongly advise against using those that are just positioned at the side of the road, they are often not looked after well and I have heard of people not being let off of the camel until they pay more money. Just be aware and do some research into where is best near to you.

4. Quad Biking .

If you are more of an extreme sports lover, than quad biking might be the best excursion for you. These made look fairly tame but you can hit some high speeds over the desert, and with plenty of dunes it makes for a very interesting drive. It is hypnotic to speed along at such a vast pace and there is absolutely nothing around you.

 Again due to  it being the desert and there is no shelter anywhere it is advisable to keep hydrated and wear a high factor sun cream, factor 50 is best. If you are really pale skinned wear a sheer cover up. Your eyes and face are protected by the helmet, scarf and sunglasses, this is mainly to avoid getting sand in your eyes, nose and mouth but it excellent protection from the sun too.

5. Naama Bay .

If you are visiting Sharm el Sheikh then you must head to Naama bay. It is a hub of energy with so much to see and do. Whilst we sat on large pillows drinking cocktails we were asked to go up and take part in a snake charming act. I must say the last thing I expected was to end up with a cobra wrapped around my head but the experience is breath taking. Enjoy your travels and do and see as much as you possibly can.

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